We are building LATAM’s First Unified Investment Infrastructure

Our team brings a diverse set of backgrounds and skills from heavily-regulated industries like capital markets, cloud computing, enterprise software, e-commerce, investment banking, biopharma, air and travel, and energy.

We come From all across the world

We are backed by top VCs from Silicon Valley, Europe, and Latin America

Our Angel Investors

We’re proud to have angel investors with extensive experience in trading, hedge funds, distributed systems, and cloud infrastructure. Some of our angel investors come from companies like Google, Airbnb, and Square, and have founded companies like Plaid and Jeeves.

Meet Our Team

As a remote-first company, the sky is the limit. We are always looking for talented, smart, proactive, and kind team members from all around the world and from any industry to help us develop Latin America into a wealth creation hub. Join us now!

André Guerra

Customer Sucess Manager

André has more than 10 years of experience in the financial industry and capital markets. He was an executive partner of XP Inc. from 2016 to 2023, leading commercial teams in the B2C, B2B and Wealth Services Divisions. Prior to that he worked at Credit Suisse Hedging Griffo and CA Technologies.

Caio Krauthamer

Senior Software Engineer

Caio has a background in both startups and ad tech companies, he honed his skills in developing cutting-edge APIs, seamlessly integrating with third-party APIs, and overseeing projects from start to end. With Full-Stack knowledge, his passion lies in crafting efficient backend architectures and systems that drive innovation and deliver exceptional performance.

Daniel Osvath


Daniel has experience in distributed systems working at large Silicon Valley tech companies and incubator startups, such as Apple and Confluent. Previously, he worked on data streaming software used by Fortune 500 companies.

Estêvão Fáy

Senior Backend Engineer

Estêvão has experience in architecting backend services that serve millions of requests per day. He has built multi-cluster and multi-region platforms, worked on services with hundreds of nodes and thousands of microservices.

Felipe Nader

Senior Backend Engineer

Felipe has many years of experience in developing products from conception to maintenance in companies from various industries, including consultancy, marketing, sales, startups, banking, and engineering. Proficient in full stack development, but especially interested in back-end architecture and distributed systems.

Gustavo Ruiz

VP of Business Development

Gustavo has deep expertise in the financial industry and capital markets. He co-founded Warren For Business, the B2B arm of Warren, and was also responsible for the capital markets areas, where he remained as an executive partner from 2018 until mid-2023. Prior to that, he worked in family offices, and from 2009 to 2017, he served this clientele at Credit Suisse Hedging Griffo. He also had stints at significant fintechs such as Neon, where he held sales leadership roles. Currently, he is a member of several board of directors, including Planejar CFP, and is highly connected within the Brazilian investment market.

Gustavo Trigos


Gustavo has a background in capital markets and machine learning. Prior to Mentum, he had a brief stint as a Quantitative Researcher at BlackRock's internal quantitative hedge fund. He also helped build digital trading platforms and robo-advisors at other asset managers and wealth management startups in San Francisco.

Mario Daza

Sales Lead

Mario has a background in industrial engineering and MBA, interested in data analytics, go-to-market strategies and commercial excellence. Has worked in airline and biopharma industries, leading marketing and sales teams across Latam.

Nathan Cassata

Founding Engineer

Nathan has a background in computer science with interest in building secure and stable services at scale. Previously at IBM, he led internal efforts of code quality and testable products and worked with large banks to adopt similar practices.

Rafael Vasconcelos

Backend Engineer

Rafael, with a foundational background in computer engineering, has honed his expertise at fintech startups where he has designed state-of-the-art APIs. His primary mission is to seamlessly integrate a variety of clients, thus championing a more efficient and accessible financial ecosystem.

Simon Avila


Simon’s background in industrial engineering and finance has shaped his interests to continuously find ways to solve inefficient processes. He was previously at Wish working as a payments analyst and implemented frameworks to detect fraud.