Estamos Construyendo la Primera Infraestructura de Inversiones Unificada en LATAM

Nuestro equipo viene de industrias reguladas como inversiones y mercados capitales, computación en la nube, software empresarial, e-commerce, banca de inversión, biofarmacéutica, aerolíneas, viajes, y energía.

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Tenemos el respaldo de los mejores VCs en Silicon Valley, Europa, y Latinoamérica

Nuestros Inversionistas

Estamos orgullosos de contar con ángeles inversionistas con amplia experiencia en trading, hedge funds, sistemas distribuidos e infraestructura en la nube. Algunos de nuestros ángeles inversionistas provienen de empresas como Google, Airbnb y Square, y han fundado empresas como Plaid y Jeeves.

Conoce Nuestro Equipo

Como una empresa completamente remota, el cielo es el límite. Siempre estamos buscando un equipo de miembros talentosos, inteligentes, proactivos y amables de cualquier industria y de todas partes del mundo que nos ayude a convertir Latinoamérica en una región de inversionistas. ¡Únete a nosotros ahora!

Daniel Osvath


Daniel has experience in distributed systems working at large Silicon Valley tech companies and incubator startups, such as Apple and Confluent. Previously, he worked on data streaming software used by Fortune 500 companies.

Estêvão Fáy

Backend Engineer

Estêvão has experience in architecting backend services that serve millions of requests per day. He has built multi-cluster and multi-region platforms, worked on services with hundreds of nodes and thousands of microservices.

Gustavo Trigos


Gustavo has a background in capital markets and machine learning. Prior to Mentum, he had a brief stint as a Quantitative Researcher at BlackRock's internal quantitative hedge fund. He also helped build digital trading platforms and robo-advisors at other asset managers and wealth management startups in San Francisco.

Mario Daza

Sales Lead

Mario has a background in industrial engineering and MBA, interested in data analytics, go-to-market strategies and commercial excellence. Has worked in airline and biopharma industries, leading marketing and sales teams across Latam.

Nathan Cassata

Founding Engineer

Nathan has a background in computer science with interest in building secure and stable services at scale. Previously at IBM, he led internal efforts of code quality and testable products and worked with large banks to adopt similar practices.

Simon Avila


Simon’s background in industrial engineering and finance has shaped his interests to continuously find ways to solve inefficient processes. He was previously at Wish working as a payments analyst and implemented frameworks to detect fraud.

Vitor Barbosa

Lead Frontend Engineer

Vitor is a full stack web developer who cofounded and sold 2 startups in the wholesale e-commerce vertical in Brazil. Previously, he worked in business consulting, focusing on clients in the banking and payments industries.