Access all of the investment data from your clients. Regardless of the source.

Mentum enables multi-family offices and wealth managers to connect data from any onshore and offshore bank, broker-dealer, or custodian to any system and access insights powered by artificial intelligence.

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"With Mentum, we can now access our clients' investment data from multiple brokeragehouses in the EU, USA, and Mexico."
Richard Ramirez-Webster, Founder & Partner
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Access your clients’ data when you need it
Instantly access data directly from any source (custodians, brokers, or banks)and reduce dependency when dealing with multiple counterparts.
Customize and structure data your own way
We structure the data to eliminate errors that may lead to unnecessary costs or business loss.
Sync data to any platform and system
Get the data you need in the format you need to connect with any tool without the need to manually stitch together different data formats (or layouts).
Access insights on your own data powered by AI
Use our AI assistant to interact with your data in natural language and access insights on the spot.
Data is always secure and protected under the highest standards
Industry-standard security features to keep your data secure, ensuring it's never shared, stored, or sold.
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Scale Wealth Management with more data, more insights
Mentum empowers single family offices, multi-family offices and wealth management firms with their clients’ data from any custodian, broker-dealer, or bank, and instant insights with artificial intelligence.
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